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Introducing Padideh Tabriz Patan Company



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In God we believe

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We started to work on marketing, designing, production and sales of shoes in August of 2011. Our goal was to establish a relationship between shoe-production industry and markets of this product. In order to do our best, we hired the most expert managers and technicians.

In first half of 2013, we enlarged our scope to cover safety shoes. We communicated with producers of these shoes and tried to make its quality higher. We started to reach our goals and make the situation of safety shoes better in Tabriz, a city of Iran. In this way, we facilitated our tasks and the production phases with the use of new-fashioned machines such as efficient injection machines.

The best quality of our productions made us to get the international and local standards. The 12-months warranty provided by our company also makes the high quality of our productions crystal clear.

We are pleased that the production made by our company could make the customers happy. In this way, Patten shoes is looking forward to hearing from you and we are pleased to get your feedback.

All the material used in the production phase are the best possible choices in the shoe-production industry and especially in the safety shoes industry. Therefore, all the Patten shoes can provide you the best quality, which you cannot reject using them! Moreover, our customers can also ask for other personalization in the materials or designing the shoes.

Our customers are the most important things to us. Hence, not only they can get what they need from us, but they also can visit our website in order to see the latest products and buy them.

It should be noted that this company was registered in the Companies Registration Office of Tabriz on 02/19/2011 under the registration number 31527 and has a national ID number 10200397041. Furthermore, Patten has an economic activity code, an industrial exploitation license, a registration certificate in the value added tax system and other certificates and confirmations.